Wednesday, August 31, 2011

weatherspoon diagram.

1.  Parking lot entrance into courtyard.

2.  Obelisk structure..

3.  Transition from narrow foyer space to wide, open Weatherspoon lobby.

4.  Painting on far wall.

5.  Four adjacent windows draw attention.

6.  Stairway to, not really. It goes to the second floor.

 It'd been a rough morning.  Half an hour after I should have been out the door, I found myself struggling to get up.  7 : 43, the clock said.  It took a while, but eventually I found the will to take a shower, grab a coffee, and drive to work.  At that point, I remembered we had a new boss moving in, a guy promoted straight out of the mail room.  Sure, it made no sense, but that would just mean that he'd have to earn respect by breaking some heads. My head.  Screw it, I thought, if I'm already in for some verbal abuse, I'll kill the whole morning.

With that, I happened to drive by the UNCG campus.  I saw Weatherspoon from my car window.   Yes, that'll do nicely.  Parked.  After a short walk across the parking lot, I came to the back gate, a massive black pair of metal doors, both swung wide open.  It almost felt like facing an authority; I had to be humbled before earning the rite of passage.  Like a new boss.  I went in with disgust.  My attitude began evaporating almost instantly in the courtyard.  The whole ambiance of the space was pleasant.  Sculptures all around.  One in particular caught my eye.  A tall metal obelisk on my left.  Beyond it, I saw a covered walkway leading into the actual museum.  Figuring that this was the natural way that a visitor would experience the space, I followed the path and found myself in the foyer space.  It felt very unnatural and constricting in this space.  Low ceilings.  I felt like getting out.  An exit straight ahead.  Forcing open the doors, I found myself in the Weatherspoon lobby. It was an excellent feeling getting into such an open space.  It was liberating.  I was free.  My eyes followed the delicate series of sculptures lining the lip of the oval above.  I was lost in this circular experience of art.  And then it hit my like a ton of bricks.  My job sucked.  I was working a dead end job.  My girlfriend was sleeping with the custodian.  I was going to get fired anyway. 

Feeling mixed emotions of hope and despair, I saw a solution. I'm worth more than this!  With that parting thought, I made my way up the staircase.  My life changes NOW.