Sunday, November 28, 2010

couple of my own

This sketch was done during the time I was making the first version of my luminaire.  This is originally how I was planning on holding my bulb in place.

I dropped my mouse the other day.  That's when I thought, "Well, that's kinda funny looking. Ima draw it!"

Metal is actually one of my favorite textures to draw.  It took a while, but by layering light pencil strokes, I was able to get the smoothness that exemplifies this aluminum cup (on the outside, anyway).  Honestly, it was late so I resorted to a rough hatching for the inner portion of the cup.  I plan on going back to fix it.

 I also thought it would look cool to outline the glare on the front of the cup....I think I was wrong :(

Spheres are always great for shadow studies, or in this case, eggs.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Peer Sketching

The above picture is a sketch done by Ashley Bennett.  When I first started flipping through her sketchbook, I thought I would pick the drawing that initially struck me most.  However, it is also important to look at ways that an artist tries to challenge his/herself by choosing a difficult subject matter.  I appreciate the glass above because, the artist has struggled with its portrayal and through that, it has more character and honesty as a work. 

Above is a sketch of Beckie Yohn's wood sculpture.  I enjoyed the simple contrasting color dynamic that was created through the shape of the piece.