Saturday, October 15, 2011

blog that 4

For our group project, we have tried to convert the overall feel of the IOB from artificial and uninviting to an environment that is open and welcoming to the community.  Instead of what is there now, we are proposing a warm color scheme that will give emphasis to the unity within the space.  As for design, our group settled on a hexagonal pattern that would repeat throughout the building.  Since it is a design focused on helping with the disability of blindness, it is important that we do not become marginalized with a strictly visual design.  Hence, textures.  Our first response was to overlay various textures (wood grain, cork, chip board, etc) onto the design as it sat on the wall.  However, we ended on a thought that the actual 2d shape can be bumped either out or into the wall, making it a 3d variation.